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Custom Design & Manufacture of specialized packaging requirements

Some challenges call for the heavy-duty capabilities that only our high-quality shipping pallets and crates can offer. Tusker Packaging Solutions is your single source for custom packaging and shipping solutions to meet your business needs. In addition, we are committed to providing professional and holistic services that recognise the total needs of our clients, ensuring that what you get is turnkey project support from pack to pallet.


Tusker Packaging Solutions specialises in the manufacture of shipping pallets and crates for local and export use. We can provide crates and pallets to various standard sizes as well as to customer specification.

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On site packing of 6m/20 foot and 12m/40 foot Sea Freight Containers

Packing sea freight containers takes a lot of expertise and knowledge of regulations. Tusker Packaging Solutions will assist in packing pallets into standard 6m/20ft and 12/40ft containers to optimise space and costs for your ocean freight shipment.


Lifting and rigging facilities to assist with onsite packing requirements
Turnkey packaging projects
Manufacture of Pallets & Crates to customer specification

To assist with your on-site packing requirements and for the management of heavy loads, we can also provide lifting and rigging facilities – keeping your items protected and safely stored for shipping.


Delivery to designated premises as well as on-site packing
Packaging, Strapping and Chocking materials supplied to secure and protect your cargo while in Transit

Our full-service packaging solutions includes delivery to designated premises as well as on-site packing. This includes the supply of packaging, strapping and chocking materials to secure and protect your cargo while in transit.


ISPM15 approved certified materials (Heat Treated) used for export cargo

We use only ISPM15 approved certified materials (heat treated) in the manufacture of packaging for export cargo.


Authorised Agents for Corrosion intercept and power shrink.

To ensure that your items get the best protection against damage and corrosion, Tusker Packaging Solutions uses high quality wrapping products from leading global brands.

Corrosion InterceptPower Shrink

Should you wish to attain additional information on the products and services that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Timber decks
  • Pallets & crates to spec
  • Turnkey packaging projects
  • Design & manufacture of specialised requirements
  • Lifting & rigging facilities to assist on-site packing requirements
  • Packing of seafreight containers